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Broken China
Rick Wright

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Breaking water


Night of a thousand furry toys

Now you feel it, a shiver and you begin
Frozen breath that scrapes across the skin
And a sound you've never heard before, you screaming.
Welcome to the world of random noise
Where you simply haven't got a choice
When they push your levers and pull your strings
It's another world, it's a better world that we bring.
In a world of a thousand furry toys
You can hear the screams of little girls and boys
It's a charming noise, if you really want that kind of thing, mama.
Now you feel it, a shiver and you've begun
When they pull those strings how you'll start to run!
And there's no stepping off or stepping down
It's another world and it's a better world,
That's what we have found.

Hidden fear

Why do we feel this adult pain
And hold these secrets that don't belong?
This loneliness has no place with us
The silence grows, it has no place with life.
Your outward joy holds back the fears
Which deepen inside of us.
We travel all alone
And carry the guilt of those who disappear.
Our childlike hopes, in disarray
This pain no child should feel
We disappear



Unfair ground




Woman of custom

Woman of custom just severed ties
What had never changed had always died so
Suddenly she's opened eyes that
Fill with tears and come alive
Her stifled love sleeping forever was
Unaroused like changeless weather
And little chance that she was ever
Going to smash the precious measure
She never lived with pain, fear or anger
A heart enchained, willing to surrender
But now if storms would only blow
She could really feel the roll
Those years of sleep, all waking dreams
Unpeopled places on painted screens
And diffused in subdued streams
Her life was cast, traditional schemes.
She never lived with pain, fear or anger
Windowless and tame like a precious stone langoured
A heart enchained, willing to surrender
But now if storms would only blow
Then she could really feel the roll
She could really feel the roll.
"A hunger that lasts can have no pain",
It's just these words that don't explain.
Eaten alive and spat out again
They jam in the memory like ancient remains.
Woman of custom just severed ties
What had never changed had always died so
Suddenly she's opened eyes that
Fill with tears and come alive.



Black cloud


Far from the harbour wall

A part of herself, she thought love was dying
The game of opposites, a hateful lie
She can't hang on at all, she's giving up the fight
She's locked in a wall of ice,
Through half the day and half the night
On a path that's been prescribed.
Nothing comes, but she can't leave her life
Or hear the falling rain, or the heart race in her
And dark as it grows at night, with fear of light's change
She's drowning away
In what she can do and what she contains
And her heart is so low.
Now, because I could not cope with pain,
How things are not the same, she's got no remedies.
A heartbreaking fall and I fear a change of course
I feel like we were born insane,
I hear the love, I fear the love
For the heart is so low, see how it grows apart.
And deep from the other side, we live our lives so plain
We have no night, we have no day, we have no falling rain.
Not love in our eyes, not love in our stare
Felt more like inner sea, had no quality
So say those who drown at night
Far from the harbour wall, far from the harbour wall.



Reaching for the rail

I'm ill with a fever, I feel like a child
I lay in the dark until morning came
It's so unoriginal
And I feel it worse at night
I know it's not terminal
But I'm near half-dead with fright
And freezing cold.
But sooner than wake up
To find it all unchanged
'Cos it's all so familiar
As it comes around again
The same taste to everything
The same unbroken chain
That still remains.
With morning I rise
A dream that won't leave me,
You're sad, naked and pale
And you're reaching for the rail
You take a look inside, how could you peel away
Or break the shell, the hurt you've hidden so well
For all your days.
And you're going down, as you slip beneath the waves,
Won't make a sound
Won't even leave a trace before you.
I hear an appealing sigh from the street below
And it's creeping fear congealed in stone
That paves the crazy road.
And all are succumbing and they look so hopelessly
At the heartbreak, it's easy to deal with,
Just take these and you'll really never feel it.

Blue room in venice

I can see you through a pool of darkness
I stretch out my hand to reach you
I know you are there
So please look at me
How I've missed you
How I've missed love
My hand is here
If you still know me
Then touch my fingertips
I see the waters move above your face
I feel your naked hand
Please don't let go again
Your sacrifice
That meant so much
Left us with no place to stand
Please let me touch
And let me near
Let me near

Sweet july


Along the shoreline

You feel her warmth, feel it like a summer day
Shining from the cloudless sky, it lights her way
With darkness gone, like a distant road
We travelled it all night until the morning rose
Now we're turning towards the sun, unfolding every day
From out behind, the clouded mind,
With nothing more than words can say
We're half-naked souls and a harmony
Is a song of tears, all washed into the sea
As we stand along the shoreline.
But now he day has broken, can see in better ways,
A path leading to the light, A hope that never fades.
All power to the brave.
You feel her warmth, feel it like solar rays
See how, they kindle fire, illuminate her face.
Free as the sunlight that shines down from above
That opens us all to feel love.


I can take it or leave it, won't be the woebegone,
Don't need a model universe to hang your pictures on.
You hide somewhere, you die somewhere
And then this senseless thought,
By hating more you're feeling more
And that's how you get caught.
They're never going to make it easy
Of this you can be sure.
I greet you from your wilderness,
I'll stay inside your door.
There is no cage or prison, they have no fence too tall,
You die more times than anyone, there's still no place to fall
They're never going to keep it simple
This comes down from above.
I have no helm, no secret realm,
I dream to be at the heart of love, a part of love.
I bet you can conceal it, but that's just a dead-end track,
I'll cover you like the driven snow, and then I'll bring you back.
You'll see! you feel like, you feel like a banner,
Unfurled and gently blown,
And there before your opening eyes
The self you've never known.
They're never going to make it easy
Of this you can be sure.
You feel untied, beatified
And loved forever more.

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