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Nick Mason

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Malta (Fenn/Mason)

Tekst nie jest dostępny

Lie For A Lie (Fenn/Mason/peyronel)

A game's a game I hear you say
Enough emotion in a day
We'll never live enough to play
I hear you say

You make the way you make the moves
Giving clues about the rules
But there's no way to warn the fools
They're only fools

Give me a lie for a lie
Give me a truth for a truth
Nothing is hard to believe
No one is hard to deceive
Leave me a light in the dark
Give me a lie for a lie
Give me a lie for a lie
Give me a truth for a truth

So let the fire within me burn
You know something I should learn
But I don't know whichwayto turn
Still I turn


And when the flame begins to go
I'll be there inside the door
You'll never know that I care more
Than I can show


Rhoda (Fenn/Mason)


Profiles Part I & 2 (Fenn/Mason)


Israel (Fenn/peyronel)

Were you hear five thousand years ago
Promising the promised land
Corinthians, Corinthians
Dancing on unbroken burning sand

Where no trees or living things would grow
Selling the romantic dream
Phoenicians, Phoenicians
Real estate is hard to find, ideas undermined
Wrong place and wrong time

Goodbye, good thing
Africa's a lonely place
Goodbye, good thing
Missionaries in position pray
Oh Israel

Have you lost what others never find
Blame the unforgiving sun
Arabians, Arabians
Neighbors are so hard to tame
When you don't look the same
Give them a smile say


And The Address (Part I) (Fenn/Mason)


Mumbo Jumbo (Fenn/Mason)


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Black Ice (Fenn/Mason)


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